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Unbeatable in martial arts since 2013, Felipe Gheno managed to score 7 victories since his last loss in MMA. Born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, or a 27-year-old fighter, he became the first flyweight champion in the history of Taura MMA.

With a gala performance in the event that took place in March, the fighter won the title. Fact that, according to his own fighter, changed or level of his career:

- I am happy and honored to be a Taura MMA champion, due to the trajectory of the event and its evolution, it will certainly soon be one of the biggest events in the world! CEO Djônatan Leão and the whole team are tireless to make each edition more perfect, athletes have the recognition and visibility they deserve! Taura MMA represents me and I am proud to represent him!

Confident within a forum, the athlete has less than 5 wins by knockout. When talking about what fans can still expect for the athlete inside Taura, Felipe once again made a point of extolling and highlighting how his similarities with the organization itself:

- In the dictionary, Taura means who is an expert in any subject, who is strong, fearless, brave. So, I don't need to talk too much! As my fitness coach Wagner Zaccani would say: 'Rockets don't back up!'. I'm the future world champion in that division - finished Gheno.

The fighter had his first fight at Taura even when the event is called the Nogueira Viamão Team Circuit. With a great victory over Leandro "Foguinho", the athlete debuted with the right foot.

In the eighth edition, Felipe Gheno found a chance of needing to guarantee a place in the title dispute. Knocking out Tarcísio Romano, the gaucho won the opportunity to fight for the title in the ninth edition, this time against Giliarde "Wolverine". Gheno beat his rival and was enshrined as the first champion of the Taura fly division.


TAURA MMA CHAMPIONSHIP events are broadcast in Brazil by SPORT TV

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