Rick Monstro






205 LBS

At 36, Richardson Moreira or just Rick Monstro; as he is known he found his winning path again when he was given the chance to compete for the Taura MMA belt last year.

In the sixth edition of the event, at the time still called the Team Nogueira Viamão Circuit, the fighter beat Marcus & # 39; Tatu & # 39; in a balanced duel that
guaranteed the fighter the organization's light heavyweight belt. Asked about the current moment in his career, the athlete guaranteed that he still has a lot to show in the cage, despite his age: - My stop is to break paradigms. I want to get as far as I can get, regardless of any status or age, my goal is not just to win, but to make history - declared the athlete. Passing through the extinct TUF Brasil, Rick even had two fights on the UFC stage between the years 2014 and 2015. Stopped for 4 years, until he returned to the national scene last year, the athlete from São Paulo revealed how he imagines being remembered after abandon gloves in mixed martial arts in a few years: - I want to be remembered as someone who pursued his dreams more than anything in life. Without stepping on anyone, showing who I am there in the cage, and that even in the beating, I'm just doing my job. I want to be remembered as someone who has always respected everyone and has always been respected by everyone - finished Rick. Team Nogueira athlete, Rick has 8 victories and 12 fights in his career. Aggressive in the cage, the athlete has no less than 5 submissions in his career, in addition to 2 knockouts recorded in the cartel.