Yasmin Castanho






125 LBS

Owner of a smile and unique charisma, Yasmin Castanho or just "Smile" was consecrated in March of that year as the first champion in the history of Taura MMA in a female category. A brown belt in soft art, the fighter started her career in professional MMA only 2 years ago.
Passionate about the sport from a young age, the fighter revealed how she started her career in the world of fights:
- I always had the spirit of competition, and when I entered Jiu-Jitsu, at 7 years old, I had a different feeling, over time, I started doing Muay Thai and other martial arts, I always watched fights on TV and imagined myself there . One fine day I turned to my mother and said that one day I would fight MMA and it became my dream. I started to admire the art even more, and my master Josimar Jr. realized it.
At 23, Yasmin can easily be singled out as one of Brazil's biggest promises in women's MMA today. Born in Barra de São João, in Rio de Janeiro, the fighter was crowned Taura MMA champion by defeating Thaiane Souza with an armbar with just over 3 minutes of the first round in the ninth edition.
Owner of the title since then, the fighter spoke about the importance of the conquest, and all the appreciation she has for Taura's belt:
- It was a very big and important achievement for me. I had moments of great resilience, and of course, an immense happiness in doing it. It was a big step for my career, I feel honored to be the organization's first champion. I treat my belt like a son (laughs) - finished the champion.
With an aggressive style in the cage, the fighter let only one of her 4 fights stop at the hands of the side referees in her career.