Douglas He-Man


5'7 "




135 LBS

Owning a spectacular cartel, Douglas "He Man" crowned the big stage in the number 8 edition of Taura, when he became the organization's bantamweight champion.

A veteran when it comes to age, but a promise when it comes to his MMA career, Douglas proved that it's never too late to pursue his dreams:

- I started late in MMA, at the age of 31, even coming from the standing fight, I won my first fight by submission, this led me to seek more knowledge in Jiu-Jitsu. Today I have 12 victories, 10 by submission. I can say that I have a complete game.

A curious fact about the athlete coming from striking, is that even though his specialty is standing fighting, the gaucho submitted no less than 10 opponents in his career, a rare fact on the national scene.

Born in Rio Grande, in Rio Grande do Sul, the fighter who has already spent time in the Serbian MMA spoke about his goals within the organization, in which he is proud to be part:

- You can be sure that I will do everything to be dominant in this category, since my best has not yet been shown. I believe that in a short time Taura MMA will be a world-class event. I am proud to be part of this great organization - declared He-Man.

"He-Man" won the Taura title by beating Uruguayan Juan Gonzales by majority decision in November last year. Adding only one setback in his entire career, the fighter who already has 12 victories in his curriculum is one of the athletes to be beaten in the organization.